THE SEEN, Chicago's International Journal of Contemporary & Modern Art

Stephanie Cristello


With Staff Writers reporting from around the world, each issue of THE SEEN features in-depth writing on contemporary art, as well as highlight essays, artist profiles, reviews, and limited run artists editions, featuring exclusive pieces and new commissions on the best in international contemporary art.

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Issue 09

Fall / Winter 2019

Cover: Stine Deja

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Issue 08

Spring / Summer 2019

Cover: Yinka Shonibare CBE

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Issue 07

Fall / Winter 2018

Cover: Postcommodity

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Issue 06

Spring / Summer 2018

Cover: Brendan Fernandes

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Issue 05

Fall / Winter 2017

Cover: Bouchra Khalili

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Issue 04

Spring / Summer 2017

Cover: Astrid Klein

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Issue 03

Fall / Winter 2016

Cover: Art & Language

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Issue 02

Spring / Summer 2016

Cover: Kerry James Marshall

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Issue 01

Fall / Winter 2015

Cover: Charles Ray

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